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I’m obsessed

                   And my name is Petra.

In college, I excelled at reading & writing and thus began the incessant “cries for help” from my classmates and friends for help with their essays, their resumes, and even their emails. I followed up on my natural talent and passion for writing, and after tons of writing workshops, mostly at Poynter News U, I became determined to use good writing and good communication to create happier work environments, successful brands, and confident people.

I live in Orange County, CA and when I am not furiously fixing typos, I indulge in marketing, creative writing, tech, and read books by Malcom Gladwell, George Orwell, Fyodor Dostovesky, and Virginia Wolf.

(My work in progress is a futuristic novel about a rebellious young woman who learns that death is not forever.)

Good writing elicits people to action, changes minds, and touches hearts. 


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