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"Not only did Petra design, and write the content on my website, but she also took the time to show me what she thought would look best. What really impressed me the most was how innovative she was and how she was able to deliver in a short period of time."

listen carefully. Even though it pays to make this stuff sound super hard, it's actually quite simple.

Writing impactful blog posts and creating content for your website is not as hard as what others lead you to believe. And you don’t have to spend all day on social media or worry about needing to create tons of content.

Meet Sonia

Imagine that this woman is your ideal prospect. 

She’s a 30-something smart and educated professional, online on a quiet Saturday morning. She’s not looking for anything in particular but a post on social media catches her attention. It’s an article on building good habits and becoming more productive.

Now, Sonia might be very smart, but she tends to procrastinate on important things, and knows that she needs to improve on that. But like everything else, she keeps procrastinating on this too.

Here’s the scoop on Sonia.

Sonia works full time as a marketing assistant for a software company. She has two kids ages 6 and 11 and a dog she loves. After a long day at work, Sonia usually comes home exhausted and even a bit moody. Of course, she feels guilty about it: She loves her kids! But between the demands of her job and keeping the home, she has little time for herself.

Sonia wishes that there was a way to feel less stressed and more in control of her life. If only she could find a way to regain control of her day, she could stop procrastinating and get more done.  

Remember that post she found on social media? Imagine that it’s yours.

Out of a deep-seated need to change, Sonia clicks on the link, which takes her directly to your blog post on your site. She starts reading and is instantly glued. She clicks on another post. After a few readings, she is enamored. 

She feels as if you wrote all these blog posts just for her.

Sonia realizes that your blog content will help her with her goals.  She’s even considering buying that short course you are offering! But for now, she types in her email address on a form offering a Cheat Sheet of 10 Tips To Seize the Day and Get More Done.

Sonia is excited and glad that she found your blog. 

Content on your site works that way. Your content is meant to attract, engage and convert your audience.

Nice things people say about me

Marlowe Huber

"Petra is incredibly skilled and very easy to work with. She helped me figure out how to manage my WordPress site with simple step-by-step directions."

Joseph De La Cruz

"Not only did Petra with design, and write the content on my website, but she also took the time to show me what she thought would look best. What really impressed me the most was how innovative she was and how she was able to deliver in a short period of time."

Benefit from the copywriting secrets successful writers don’t want you to know. 

So you too can captivate your readers and motivate them to follow your advice, buy your products, or change their minds. 

Stop struggling. And Share your ideas with the world.

I know the struggle all too well: You start writing a piece of content only to leave it unfinished for months because you just can’t get it right. You spend days fidgeting with an idea for a blog post, but you just can’t get the right words out of your head. You stare at the blank page unable to write. 

Writing is hard.


There is a secret to writing others don't want you to know.

If you feel like you are creating content in a vacuum and not sure if it’s effective or producing results, there is a better way to attract people to your website and sell more.

Do you dream of being able to Craft irresistible blog posts that get your readers glued to the page?

Are you ready to discover the secret, elite bloggers use for writing addictive posts?

Want to know how to instantly get your ideas out of your head and onto the page - without spending weeks writing?

Write persuasive copy and blog posts. 

Learning how to write for online audiences takes time and a lot of practice. But you don’t have to start from zero. And you don’t have to wait years to start attracting people to your site. With a little help you can get that idea for a blog post or piece of content out of your head.  

When I began writing in 2007, I wrote personal essays and academic papers and I published these online on Hubpages and on my own website. I was good at it. In fact, so good that friends & family asked me for help with their writing. That came easy to me.

But marketing copy! Well, that’s a completely different beast. I had to learn how to write persuasively, and it took me years before I could master the skill.

The goal of marketing copy is to seduce your readers and captivate their minds. It’s writing in short, snappy sentences like this one. It’s writing that is simple and delicious to read because it makes your readers feel understood in a way that is comforting, personal, and engaging.

But coming from an academic background, that seemed impossible to do: Using “I” in my writing? No way! Break the rules of grammar? Never!

Write & publish your content.

persuade your readers to take action with only your words. 

write in a way that makes people sit up and take notice.

write seductive content that readers won’t stop talking about. 

I would like to empower you to pursue your writing goals. I can help you tackle daunting writing projects, craft engaging blog posts, and make their writing more persuasive.

I can help you evaluate your own writing to make your work more engaging to your readers.

With me by your side you’ll never complain about writer’s block and you will finally finish that article that you have been thinking about writing but just haven’t gotten to it.

  • Create persuasive marketing emails that build relationships.
  • Write sales content that doesn’t feel pushy.
  • Mentor your blog readers and grow your authority
  • Build writing habits to help you overcome writer’s block. 
  • Find your writer’s voice and create content with personality.