How I became a D.M

 If you’d met me a few years ago, you would’ve felt sorry for me. I was making minimum wage and barely making enough money to pay rent, make my car payment, and put food on the table. When all was paid for, I would  have nothing left for things that I wanted to do or things that I wanted to buy. I remember my trips to the mall and watching people shopping, spending…buying stuff, and being able to afford eating out. I remember feeling hopeless and angry. I felt that I deserved better. I’d worked so hard for my B.A, but it didn’t matter. The economy was so bad that having a B.A made little difference in the job market. A little sad and frustrated, I decided to do something different. I went online looking for a way to start a business. My search took me to a course on SEO offered by UC Davis online. I enrolled in the course and followed the lessons step by step and did everything that was asked of me. I had took the course,  bought a domain name, built a website and  ranked it on the first page of Google search. All in less than six months. That’s when I knew that I had what it took to start an online business. It was the  beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. From that moment on, I become a sponge for anything having to do with digital marketing, branding, writing, storytelling, copywriting and PR. Since then, I’ve taken a good amount of online courses including courses from UCLA and UCSD, and achieved certification in Content Marketing from Digital Marketer, and an editing certificate from Poynter.

My Vision

To help you grow a business you love in less time without sacrificing quality so that you can compete and be heard in a noisy online world so you can realize your dream.