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 If you’d met me a few years ago you would’ve felt sorry for me. And that’s because about six years ago, more or less, I was  scraping by and barely making enough money to pay rent and put food on the table. When all was paid for, I was still in the red. Every. Single. Month. The economy was so bad that having a B.A made little difference in the job market. That’s when I noticed that some people on Facebook had started groups and offered services to their followers. 

And they were making money!

So, I went online looking for something to help me better my situation. My search led me to a course on SEO offered by UC Davis online. Without thinking, I enrolled in the course–and paid for it with my credit card. I followed all the lessons and I did everything that was asked of me, including buying a domain name. Then I installed WordPress on the website and wrote a few blog posts. What do you  know, within a few days- two weeks to be exact, I ranked my site on the first page of Google! I was ecstatic! That’s when I knew that I had what it took to start an online business.

Petra E. Cutri

…That was the  beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. My dire financial situation was the trigger that led me to where I am today.  And thanks to the wealth of practical knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve been able to help others be successful online. 

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"Not only did Petra design and create my website, but she also took the time to show me what she thought would look best.What really impressed me the most was how innovative she was and how she was able to deliver in a short period of time. If you are looking for someone to build you an amazing website then look no further, Petra is very professional and will get the job done!


you don't need inspiration. You need a hand.

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