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About Me

Content marketer by day, aspiring writer by night, I enjoy creating, building, and coding. I am a self-taught, ambitious, creative person who believes that ‘good’ is not good enough. I strive to deliver service to help my clients achieve their goals, whether these are more sales, higher conversions, or increased traffic to their sites.  For over three years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs with their websites, SEO, content creation, and Facebook marketing. My credentials include certifications from Digital Marketer, UC Davis, and Northwestern University. 

My Vision

To help people grow a business they love in less time without sacrificing quality so that they can compete and be heard in a noisy online world.

What I Do

I build WordPress websites.  I write blog posts. I write website copy, detailed product descriptions, and I create landing pages for products and services.

Projects I’m currently working on…

Hustle & Charm

I started Hustle & Charm to offer quality content & digital marketing services like SEO, social media management, content promotion, and WordPress development to small business owners and entrepreneurs who might not be able to afford a more expensive marketing agency.  I believe that anyone who is determined to pursue their passion in a business they love should have the tools to succeed.

Let's work on your project together.