How to Create a Customer Avatar for your Business

How to Create a Customer Avatar for Your Small Business

Have you ever tried to buy a present for someone you know little to nothing about and found it difficult? What about getting a present for someone you know well? Isn’t it so much easier when you know the person in and out?

Having a clear idea about what Uncle Jeff likes and dislikes, his career, his personal goals, and so on, makes finding something he’ll like and appreciate, a piece of cake.

The same principle applies to your business. When you have a clear idea about who your customers are and the challenges they face, you’ll be able to craft messages that resonate with them. But not all your customers have the same needs and challenges, so how can you create messages that appeal to your audience when there are differences in age, gender, location, political affiliations, psychographics, and socio-economic differences, etc.?

This is where a Customer Avatar comes handy.

A customer avatar is a representation of your target market. In the same way that polls use a statistical sample of the population to make factual assumptions about the entire population, a Customer Avatar is a representation of your entire target market.

Let’s see it action.

Cory is a hard-working 24-year-old who works in logistics and who has started to build a side business providing video and media services to small businesses.

He’s inspired by big influencers like Tim Ferry and Gary V. and watches YouTube videos and listens to podcasts like Entrepreneur On Fire.

Cory has been working hard on building his image and his brand online but he’s not gaining any traction and worries that it could take years before is sees any results.

Here he is.

How to Create a Customer Avatar
How to Create a Customer Avatar

Cory wants a faster way to start promoting and selling his services and products to start making a profit. So far, he’s only worked with a few people and he’s making a decent income, but it’s not enough to help him quit his part-time job. He has a website, but there is no strategy behind it. He struggles with traffic to it and getting leads.


Cory’s biggest fear is to have to work for somebody 9-5 like a ‘slave’ for the rest of his life. And right now, he has doubts about not being able to make it. Sometimes he feels like a loser, or that he’s not good enough to do what it takes. But these are just normal moments of insecurity and he knows that he DOES have what it takes to become successful, but he just needs to keep going.

And he’s willing to work hard to accomplish what he sets his mind to.  

Cory wants to make money to lead a good life. He wants to buy the new Tesla model to show his friends how successful he’s become. He likes to buy good things and the latest gadgets and dress in nice clothes. He wants to live a luxury life and be able to travel around the world. He wants to be his own boss. 

Cory is ready to play big. He has enough money to move forward, but he needs to see his effort is working.

The time has come and he knows that it’s now or never. He is ready to build a business that’s going to make him money. 

This is his Growth Strategy


He’s decided that he’ll grow his email list with people who are interested in his services. He is going to write the homepage with a message that’s clear on who he helps and what he offers. The headline will be irresistible and will hook people into wanting to know more.

There will be a strategic call to action on each page to make it clear on what web visitors need to do to take the next step. He will create an OPTIN ( but later, he will have more than one). He will have them on his home page, his about page, and on other relevant pages.

Each optin will match the page content.

His about page will build a connection with prospects because it will be honest and it will focus on what he can offer people looking for his services and the problems he solves for them.

His blog content will focus on keeping people on the website longer and will have on-page SEO with internal and external links and quality content. He will focus on providing useful posts that people will actually want to consume and share because it changes their lives in a small, meaningful way.

His email marketing strategy will build trust with his subscribers by delivering content that is relevant to his target audience. Only after he’s established trust with his subscribers, will he will be able to promote to them.

Business Outcome

Setting up a strategy from the beginning, will not only bring Cory added revenue from his business but it will also impact his personal life. Once his website is working for him, he will feel confident. He will start helping more people and start acting like a real businessman. Soon, people will want to know the secret of his success and he’ll become the go-to person for advice. 

With just this plan of action, Cory will soon become the successful man that he’d always wanted to be.

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