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For better or worse, email makes it extremely easy for us to ignore unwanted messages from companies that annoy the heck out of us. But if you are like me, I bet that there are also those emails that you can’t wait to get…maybe from brands that you are subscribed to who send you juicy content that you enjoy consuming. 

Think about it. How many emails do you get daily? 50? 100? Chances are, you skim the sender & subject line fields before opening any of your emails. And why is that? It all comes down to time. You simply decide which emails are worthy of your time. 

In a world of empowered consumers bombarding your email subscribers with sales messages no longer works.

The bottom line is that you only open emails from companies you know and trust. So, it’s a no brainer that if you want your emails to not only reach your subscribers but also to be opened and consumed, that you need to establish trust with your subscribers right at the beginning of the relationship. If you do this, the chances that they will open every email you send out go up exponentially.

But, let’s face it…it’s not easy connecting with total strangers over email.

So, how do you go about establishing trust with your subscribers?

Start with these simple and proven tips.

1.Know Your Audience

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times already, but I’ll say it again. The first step before creating any type of content is to know who you are writing too. Is your person a he or a she? How old is she? What’s her life like?  What inspires her? What does she do for a job? Is she fed up with work and looking to change careers? What does she need to be successful? Think about it…have you ever tried to buy a birthday or Christmas present for someone and you have no idea what to get them? What about getting a present for someone you know well? Isn’t it much easier if you know the person? Likewise, writing an email to a person you know is much easier than writing to a total stranger.

But how do you actually get to ‘know’ a total stranger?

Start by asking yourself questions about this person and create a Customer Avatar. Write down everything you know about them. Once you are done, you’ll be ready to tackle tip number two.

2. Be of Service

If you subscribe to receive emails from brands that you follow, you might already be familiar with the different approaches to email marketing that many of these companies use. Some go straight to the point and send you offers or services that you might or might not need. Others will send you juicy tips and content in the form of blogs, videos, or articles that you like to consume. More likely than not, you are loyal to the brands that send you stuff that you like and ignore those that don’t.

Could it be that simple? 

To be of service to your subscribers means that you think about their needs and priorities before yours. What do they need? What type of content, insights, or educational content will make their lives better and their job easier? What do they need to be successful? Happy? 

Make a list of the things your target audience cares about.

3.Vary Your Emails

Producing quality content on a daily basis is just not possible. Let’s be real, writing blog posts, producing videos, creating infographics, and coming up with quality tips and articles is time-consuming. One suggestion is to stick to sharing insights from your older articles, or articles that you read. What golden nuggets can you extract that your audience will enjoy? When your subscribers start opening your emails consistently, now is time to vary your emails to include, company news, delicious insights, new products, and even tantalizing offers that your subscribers might benefit from. Remember, quality content is content that’s educational, and insightful. Vary your email type every week or every two weeks, and use a 3:1 ratio. Send out three educational pieces of content to one sales offer.

Email Types 

Educational content (how-to, tips, information, shared content)

Insightful content

Company news

New products

Tantalizing deals

Word on the Street (What are people saying about your company?)

Sending Frequency

Along with varying the type of emails you send out, you also want to think about how often you’d like your subscribers to receive your emails. Everyday? Once a week? Once a month? I’ll say, it depends. In the beginning, you may want to send an email out at least once a week or every two weeks to give your subscribers breathing room and a chance to test the waters with you. But you need to be consistent. Think about it, if your subscribers rarely hear from you, they’ll stop caring about your emails, and they’ll move on to the next great thing. Keep them engaged without overwhelming them by sending one weekly email. And once your subscribers are familiar with your emails, twice a week is appropriate. No one likes to be bombarded with emails, so the same rule applies to more established businesses.

And that’s a wrap. Need more tips on writing emails that get opened?

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