Website Content for Startups: How to Earn Respect Before You’ve Even Gotten Clients

The biggest time-thief that drives new businesses to procrastination station tends to be website content for new startups. People get stuck on what write for their web copy and that draws out the launch of new business websites for weeks. Sometimes months.

Most of that hesitancy comes from a place of insecurity or from impostor syndrome. It’s a real thing- the American Psychological Association says so!

So, what do you do when you need to get your website up (like, yesterday!), but don’t feel confident enough to write web content that will establish credibility and earn you your first clients?

Earning the respect of your ideal clients isn’t as difficult or intimidating as you might think it is.

The hardest part is always the beginning- knowing what to focus on and where to start. The main three things to focus on when developing your website copy and content are voice, credibility, and value.

Establishing a Brand Voice

Establish a Brand Voice

Firstly, you need to establish a clear and identifiable brand voice.

The words you use are much more important than you probably think. The way your message is written will affect:

  • the way you and your brand is perceived
  • whether people think your brand is worth investing in
  • whether they should trust you
  • if they should invest in your services, and more…

Many times, we write, text, and type on autopilot, not really thinking about how the way we structure those words changes what people think of us or our brands.

To stand out and earn respect, you need to have a clear and consistent brand voice.

Your brand is not your logo. It is the soul of your business. What you expect people to recognize you by and what your audience comes to expect from you. It’s the character, values, beliefs, mission, vision, and purpose of your brand and you, the human behind it.

Your copy should maintain consistency so that it regularly aligns with your brand.

And your website is the first place people will encounter your brand’s voice.

The language and tone that you use for your brand should stay consistent, regardless of the platform.

Once you establish the voice of your brand, you will use that to carry over to all platforms where your brand is represented through your messaging. So, setting the voice early during the website development phase will make your brand easily recognizable and garner respect.

And while it is important to establish a unique brand voice, it is also vital that your language is such that your brand comes across as confident- you want potential clients to know that you are sure that your services will afford them the benefits they’ve been looking for (even on days when your confidence is lacking).

Establishing Credibility

The next thing to think about in developing your web content is establishing authority through different methods for credibility.

The most popular and best way to do that is by testimonials.

But, if you have a newly established or restructured business, how will you have testimonials?

When I made the decision to start my own business, I hadn’t worked a traditional 9-5 job in nearly a decade.

But, I did have a lot of connections who had regularly given me really great feedback. I had college professors who credited my work as exemplary and noted my drive and commitment. Several connections I had through volunteer organizations often noted how impressed they were at my organization, attention to detail, and dependability- even when I felt anything but dependable. I had been a managing editor of a literary anthology, from which I had made more solid connections.

I leveraged the relationships I had built over that decade to request character testimonials, which were a big factor in landing my first online clients in my new business.

Reach out to previous colleagues and networking connections and seek their feedback. They could be people you worked with, college connections, committee or volunteer organization members, or others who have observed you in action but are not closely tied to you.

Ask them to carefully consider their experiences working with you and provide their perception of your strengths, character traits, integrity, commitment, drive, or other noteworthy traits they value in you.

Use their feedback as testimonies until you are able to establish a new repertoire of client testimonies with your new business interactions.

This will give potential clients an idea of what others see as valuable in you and will earn their trust.

Establishing Value

The third and last element you want to ensure is apparent in your web content copy is value.

Learn how to write a killer blog post with the Blog Post Blueprint. Download it now and write blog posts that your readers want to read.

When you freely give valuable information to others, they see you as a source of credible information. The more value you offer, the higher your chances are for earning fans and followers who will continue to visit your site for information.

After several interactions with your brand and an assessment that you are an authority in your niche, some of your visitors will inevitably convert to your clients.

The best example that I can think of for a credible service provider who continually gives away super valuable information for free is Julie Stoian of Create Your Laptop Life. She is a digital marketer and tech coach who is constantly delivering tons of value for FREE every day.

In fact, you can check out her “No Story, No Results, No Expertise” Webinar now. Here, she talks about how to establish yourself as an authority from the start, with no experience to back it up.

Julie often shares that this third element of establishing credibility has been crucial to her growth and the growth of her community members as

And it’s done the same for me. My highest traffic days come when I deliver value-packed blog posts that give people answers to questions- and throw in some great freebie downloads to help them implement my suggestions.

The best way to deliver value on your website is through your blog. Check out Petra’s latest blog post, where she shares her secrets to getting committed visitors and leads on auto-pilot here.

Valuable content, supported by established authority, through a unique brand voice is the perfect combination for growing your following and establishing credibility in your field and niche, even when you are a total newbie at it.

When you have these three elements, your copy will attract more visitors, keep people on your page, and turn passers-by into your committed regulars.

Amber is owner and copywriter of Ink & Keys Collective. She helps positive and passionate service-based entrepreneurs unveil the soul of their brands by creating brand stories and writing website copy through their unique brand voices. When she’s not creating powerful conversion copy, she’s trying to slow the hands of time and savor the moments with her husband and 3 kids, who seem to be growing in super-speed mode. You can find her at or connect on Facebook at

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